Huddle helps us help safely.

Offering and getting help with day-to-day activities is safe and easy through Huddle. Whether you’re in quarantine and need help getting groceries or you’d like to help your neighbour by walking their dog, Huddle helps. And it’s free.

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We’ve decided to build Huddle because we realized

that so many people in our communities will have their freedom of movement restricted. We wanted to make sure that all of us can offer and get help safely in times when our society depends on it.

How long the quarantine could take


Self-isolated people in the UK


Cases of Coronavirus worldwide

Daily New Cases in the United Kingdom

Safety is always a major concern.

The elderly and all of those in need of help in our communities are concerned about their safety. Rightfully so. Vast majority of people want to help, but unfortunately there are still plenty of those who want to take advantage of those in need. Committing fraud, robbing, stealing... especially during catastrophic events, such as the current Coronavirus pandemic.

Huddle ensures safety for its members through a proven user verification system. Each helper goes through a very quick, yet extremely thorough verification process to make sure they are who they say they are and that they can be trusted.

The platform was built by our team at Zenoo. Zenoo builds digital onboarding journeys for banks, insurance companies, car dealerships and many other organizations that need to verify their users smoothly and quickly. We’ve decided to use our expertise to build a platform that improves lives in communities across the world.

Huddle Volunteers & Members

Becoming a Huddle Volunteer means that you’re ready to offer help to your neighbours, Huddle Members. We verify both the Volunteers and Members to make the helping process as easy and secure as possible. Don’t worry, the verification process will not take long. You’ll be using the platform as a part of your community in no time.


Huddle Puddle allows households to group themselves in smaller, walkable areas (streets or neighborhoods).
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Community Leaders:
  • Create your community
  • Print community postcards to get neighbours on board
  • Invite volunteers & people who need help to sign up to your community
  • Access your community verifications to see who has been verified
  • Add your signup links to your Facebook community groups
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  • Register & enrol to a community
  • Get verified*
  • Share your virtual Huddle ID card
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    Those in need:
  • Find communities in your area
  • Enrol in communities
  • Get vital contact details
  • Find out how you can get help
  • Don’t worry. Helpers are verified using bank-level security.
  • Still have unanswered questions? Get in touch


    During the registration process you will be asked to take a picture of yourself and also to upload an image of your Passport or Driving Licence. Huddle-Puddle will retain the picture you provide to enable us to generate your identify verification on your device. The image of your document will be erased from our systems once checks have been satisfied, normally within a few seconds.
    In using this platform you agree to Huddle-Puddle informing your selected Group administrator of your name, contact email and home address (think that is all) to enable them to engage with you and make you aware of volunteering opportunities
    In using this platform you agree to Huddle-Puddle informing your selected Group administrator of your name, contact email and home address (think that is all) to enable them to engage with you and arrange for volunteers to assist you.
    As a local group administrator you will receive via Huddle-Puddle information relating to both volunteers and members (people in need of help) in your community area. In using Huddle-Puddle you agree to treat this data confidentially and only for the purposes of supporting your community through volunteers, in accordance with the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation. You agree not to share, distribute or sell this data now or at any time in the future.

    The helping process needs to be smooth, simple and shareable.

    That’s why Huddle is online. Our Huddle Evangelists will assist you in joining our community. Register to let us know you’re interested.

    • Create your community
    • Register as a volunteer
    • Register for help


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    Sign up and verify your profile. We use a quick, bank-level verification process to keep you and your community safe.

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    “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

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